It’s great to announce you our new simplified Checkout API.

Based on store configuration FIAT payments are available for pre-approved stores only.
curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json” \
-H "Authorization: Token TOKEN" \ -d '{"amount":10,"currency":"USD","success_redirect_url":"","error_redirect_url":"","customer_email":""}'
"id":"537bfa51-e0f6-4435-8dcf-ecedad1a0d5f", # invoice_id

8. Redirect customer to URL:

You will get webhook on each state of order change with full invoice object.

Testnet is available at


This guide describes steps to setup BTC payments for your website or mobile app.

As a result, you will show deposit address in your interface and you will get notifications on incoming payments.

You have to choose how you plan to identify payments, because you will have to generate addresses and understand what the generated address actually used for. There are 2 options: address per customer or address per deposit. In this guide we will show instruction how to process with first way as it’s most common one.

Your Environment

Assuming you have customers database, let’s say it’s users table. Also you…

Please follow this instruction to start using CryptoProcessing in a safe and efficient way. The guide is oriented to merchants who want to start crypto-currencies processing to grow revenue.

1. Choose a Strong Password for Your Account

Change your password if you have got an account from our manager and use a strong password (you may check it using some third-party service like

You may change your password on the page

2. Set Up Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication is used for such operations as:

Two-factor Authentication is managed on the page…

TON testnet is launched:

The guide is located at and it’s pretty clear except information about smart-contracts sequence number.

Sequence number is something like a nonce in Ethereum, it’s being increased per transaction. You may get current sequence for address (eg. 0x8156775b79325e5d62e742d9b96c30b6515a5cd2f1f64c5da4b193c03f070e0d) by running a command:

getaccount -1:8156775b79325e5d62e742d9b96c30b6515a5cd2f1f64c5da4b193c03f070e0d

0000001A — is a sequence number for a smart-contract in HEX format.

$ let x=0x0000001A
$ echo $x

To send a message to smart contract you need to specify a decimal value (26):

Today we announce an official support of USDT currency in our platform.

Main View of Wallets Section

USDT is available in web interface as well as in API ( mode. You may create USDT wallets, addresses, receive/send USD stable-coins.

Many thanks to Omni Layer team, especially to Craig Sellars and Adam for technical support and guiding through the integration process

USDT is an OMNI stable-coin which has an implementation on top of Bitcoin network. Official webpage -

Asset webpage in Omni explorer -


Each transaction in Ethereum network has a nonce parameter. Nonce is an index parameter for outgoing transactions and is unique per address. If you open any transactions at, you may find a row named Nonce & {Position} . The value format you may expect is something like 14 | {28} . 14 is a Nonce — the index of a transaction for address mentioned in From: field, 28 — the position in mined block.

For detailed description please write me an email:

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